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Welcome to Cloak & Dagger Wines. If you are not using a secure server with military grade encryption, please log off and exercise more caution in the future. Our winery and vineyard are not open to the public. Tasting events will be posted on a need to know basis in the News section of this website. Intelligence is also strategically leaked on our Facebook Page ( and via our Twitter feed (@conspirator322). Members of  The Society and The Inner Sanctum may receive additional information at a time of our choosing and by methods known only to us.

Our proprietary vineyard is located in the Templeton Gap area of the Paso Robles AVA, in the central coast region of California. Unofficially, we refer to it as The Hidden Vineyard. The exact geographic coordinates are classified. Our wines are handcrafted in secret at an undisclosed location in California. We call it The Undisclosed Location. Attempting to find either the vineyard or the winery would be highly ill-advised.

You can not come to us. We will come to you. Shipments will be sent by couriers, indistinguishable from the representatives of a commonly used delivery service. For payment we accept major credit cards. For extremely large orders, we will also accept non-sequential, unmarked bills which should be placed in a plain brown grocery bag. Dead drops can be arranged at a park or other public place convenient to your location. If you select a train or subway station for the exchange, please substitute an aluminum briefcase for the paper sack. The combination should be set to 322. Contact The Conspirator for more information.

Should you need to print any information from this website, please memorize it and shred immediately. You should assume that you are being watched at all times, which is increasingly the case.

Finally, we can confirm that all the conspiracy theories you have heard of are true. Rumors always have a basis in truth. Besides, we have very reliable sources inside the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones Society, the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations and even Area 51 (which you may be surprised to learn, is still in uninterrupted operation). We can share these facts because they are virtually impossible to either prove or disprove. We realize that some of this may come as something of a shock. A nice glass of wine would help.

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